Who We Are


British Columbia Technology for Learning Society is licensed to deliver Industry Canada’s Computers for Schools program in BC.   Incorporated in 1995, BC Tech is a registered charity in good standing and able to issue tax receipts for donated equipment.


Our Mission is to improve learning and protect the environment by refurbishing technology.  WE offer three programs, Computers for Schools,  Computers for Students and the Technical Work Experience Program in order to provide British Columbian’s with access to affordable technology and valuable work experience.


Computers for Schools, co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the Telecom Pioneers, refurbishes computers and related equipment donated by governments and businesses. These computers are distributed across Canada to schools, libraries and registered not-for-profit learning organizations, and Aboriginal communities.


Our Goals

To provide increased access for students and learners of all ages to technology.
To give youth interns valuable job skills in technical and hardware repair, team building and mentorship.
To practice ethical recycling of computer waste & promote environmental sustainability through effective computer re-use models.
To provide satisfying and useful volunteer opportunities in the refurbishment process.

Our Mission

To improve learning and protect the environment by refurbishing technology

Our Vision

Our vision is for a British Columbia with universal and sustainable access to technology to facilitate life-long learning.

Chair Chris Bywater Fulford Harbour
Vice Chair Chad Leaman Neil Squire Society
Secretary-Treasurer Neal Jennings Chartered Professional Accountant
Director Mark Kurschner Product Care
Director Kevin Amboe School District #36
Director HB Teo BC Ministry of Education
Director Bev Collins Pacific Community Networks Association
· We value the opportunity for all learners to access technology to enhance their knowledge and skills
· We strive to deliver quality reuse equipment that meets the needs and requirements of our clients

· We value the creative energy and inspiration of youth and assist them with quality paid work opportunities to utilize their skills and formal training, enhance their personal education, and provide a healthy, safe work environment
· We encourage and support our technicians in finding permanent full time work in their chosen field of study
· We value the health and welfare of all or staff and volunteers and strive to make this a progressive and fulfilling place of employment

· We value the Pollution Prevention Hierarchy and always strive to maintain a viable quality computer reuse organization
· We value the Basel Convention and will not export computer equipment outside of British Columbia
· We value our local environment and minimize waste in our operations

· We value our donors and promise to respect their confidentiality by effectively wiping or shredding their hard drives to protect the integrity of their organization and our own.
· We value the privacy of our clients and staff and commit to the safeguarding of their personal information.

Computers for Schools has won national and international acclaim, including the following awards:

Burnaby Board of Trade
Business Excellence Awards, Non-Profit of the Year 2012

Education Excellence Award
Telecom Pioneers of America 2010

Industry Canada
Team Achievement Award 2001

Telephone Pioneers of America
People who Care Award 2000

Industry Canada
Team Achievement Merit Award 1998

Conference Board of Canada
Broad Community Collaboration Award 1998

Award for Innovative Management 1998

Government of Canada
Distinction Award of Excellence 1997

Government of Canada
Information Management Excellence in the Public Service (Gold) 1997

Telephone Pioneers of America
Distinguished Service & Partnership Award 1996